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About Crammond's Designs

Crammond's Designs was established in 1995, and is now one of the leading suppliers of fireplaces in the South-East of England. The business is run by a team of friendly and professional advisers and fitters who have been with the company from the start.

We offer a complete service including free surveys and special design work. Full fitting including plaster work and fitting chimney liners when required.

Why Choose Crammonds?

Apart from delivering quality products on time and to customers personal specification, we strive to achieve inspirational results for a development or refurbishment.

Crammond's have retained a healthy market share of local and surrounding SME businesses which develop and construct high value houses.

Our consultant sales process takes the prospective customer through all design and technical matters and helps overcome difficult design applications.

The true advantage to working with Crammond's is our ability to turn ideas into reality, we provide a source of qualified expertise which is unrivalled within the Essex area. We are proud of our heritage within the industry and look forward to the future.

Our Products

Crammond's have a range spanning two showrooms in Chelmsford displaying both contemporary, traditional and classic designs in all materials. These range from natural limestone, marble, cast iron and wood mantels.

We also supply natural and LPG gas fires, electric fires and of course solid fuel applications including wood burning stoves.

Please contact us for enquiries and we will be more than happy to consult you regarding your fireplace needs.

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